Our Team


Scientific adviser

Email: jordan.ferenc @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

I am the leader of this group, being PI of a Hungarian research grant (OTKA) for 2015-2019.

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(link is external)


Assistant research fellow

Email: anett.endredi @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

Anett works mostly on finding statistical relationships between food web structure and functioning. Old problem, still limited knowledge, extreme potential importance. Read this old stuff, for example.


Assistant research fellow

Email: julianapereira.mailto @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

Juli loves forests and now focuses on forest birds. We are doing methodological developments on landscape graph analysis. Our collaborator is Professor Saura in Madrid; see below the first manuscript on this. This will add a lot to a well-cited piece of work.



Pereira, J., Saura, S. and Jordán, F. 2017. Single-node versus multi-node centrality in landscape graph analysis: key habitat patches and their protection for twenty birds in NE Spain. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12783.

Pereira, J. and Jordán, F. 2017. Multi-node selection of patches for protecting habitat connectivity: fragmentation versus reachability. Ecological Indicators, 81:192-200.



Assistant research fellow

Email: morehagi @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

Ági is a young postdoc researcher in my group, we continue research on an earlier story on overfishing marine food webs.


PhD student

Email: senanszkyvera @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

Vera has just started her postdoctoral studies at Eötvös University, Budapest. Her key topic is food webs: database management, structural analyses and statistics.


Future PhD student

Email: katalin.patonai @ ucsb.edu (delete spaces)

Kati works with me on the hardest issue in food web research: how to put data together.

A recent outcome:

Patonai, K. and Jordán, F. 2017. Aggregation of incomplete food web data may help to suggest sampling strategies. Ecological Modelling, 352:77-89.

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