Assistant research fellow

Email: anett.endredi @ (delete spaces)

Anett works mostly on finding statistical relationships between food web structure and functioning. Old problem, still limited knowledge, extreme potential importance. Read this old stuff, for example.

And the papers are coming out:

Endrédi, A., Senánszky, V., Libralato, S. and Jordán, F. 2018. Food web dynamics in trophic hierarchies. Ecological Modelling, 368:94-103.

Móréh, Á., Endrédi, A. and Jordán, F. 2018. Additivity of pairwise perturbations in food webs: topological effects. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 448:112-121.

Jordán, F., Endrédi, A., Liu, W-C., D’Alelio, D. 2018. Aggregating a plankton food web: mathematical versus biological approaches. Mathematics, 6:336.

Endrédi, A., Jordán, F., Abonyi, A. 2018. Trait-based paradise - or only feeding the computer with biology? Community Ecology, Forum, 19:319-321.

Kovács-Hostyánszki, A., Földesi, R., Báldi, A., Endrédi, A., Jordán, F. 2019. The vulnerability of plant-pollinator communities to honeybee decline: a comparative network analysis in different habitat types. Ecological Indicators, 97:35-50.