PhD student (Central European University, Budapest)

Email: julianapereira.mailto @ gmail.com (delete spaces)

Juli works on multi-node centrality in ecological network analysis (landscape connectivity and food webs).


Pereira, J., Saura, S. and Jordán, F. 2017. Single-node versus multi-node centrality in landscape graph analysis: key habitat patches and their protection for twenty birds in NE Spain. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12783.

Pereira, J. and Jordán, F. 2017. Multi-node selection of patches for protecting habitat connectivity: fragmentation versus reachability. Ecological Indicators, 81:192-200.

Capocefalo, D., Pereira, J., Mazza, T., Jordán, F. 2018. Food web topology and nested keystone species complexes. Complexity, Article ID 1979214.

Jordán, F., Pereira, J., Ortiz, M. 2019. Mesoscale network properties in ecological system models. Current Opinion in Systems Biology, 13:122-128.