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 My main interest is in the key nodes of various biological networks, including food webs (keystone species), landscape graphs (key habitats and corridors) and animal social networks (linking group structure to group dynamics) - but also protein-protein and microbial interaction networks. The ultimate question, in all these cases, is how to link parts to the whole.


I am director of the Balaton Limnological Institute at Tihany, Hungary and associated researcher at Stazione Zoologica in Napoli, Italy.


See these recent papers of us (with the finest collaborators from Roma, Napoli, Taipei and Antofagasta):



The book of the 4th Food Web Symposium (Germany, 2013) is out!!! This is a great series of books published once every ten years, presenting the latest development of food web research. I contributed to three chapters in it (nice cover, yes):


I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Community Ecology. If you have some nice output in the field of community ecology, submit your paper to us! It can be Research Article, Forum, Short Communication, Review, as you feel.



(link is

Do not be shy to buy this book co-edited by the late Professor Jörgensen and me:



...or this really exciting one on Natural Security (I wrote a chapter):



What else is still important? In the past I was Branco Weiss Fellow of Society in Science @ Zürich, Switzerland, principal investigator at Microsoft Research @ Trento, Italy and Fellow at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin @ Berlin, Germany. These cities are eternal loves - even if the first fellowship was realized at Collegium Budapest @ Budapest, Hungary. I was the chief organizer of the 7th ECEM conference (Riva del Garda, Italy, 2011) of ISEM and the 1st International Conference on Community Ecology (Budapest, Hungary, 2017). Some key media appearances: I acted in the movie Nexus (produced by Csaba Szekeres, 2008), I was finalist in FameLAB Trentino (2013) and in September 2011, I was the researcher of the month in the Italian magazine Le Scienze.


I am editor for these journals: Ecology Letters / Journal of Complex Networks / Food Webs / Current Conservation




Ferenc Jordan

Balaton Limnological Institute
Centre for Ecological Research
Klebelsberg Kuno 3, H-8237 Tihany, Hungary

SKYPE: jordan2ferenc