I am biologist of wide multidisciplinary interest and endless appetite for new ideas.


Focused mostly on key nodes of various biological networks (food webs, landscape graphs, animal social networks, protein-protein interaction networks). The ultimate question, in all these cases, is how to link parts to the whole.


Researcher, University of Parma, Italy

Associated Researcher, Stazione Zoologica, Napoli, Italy

Major projects:

I am WP leader in AtlantECO.


For a recent network analysis platform, see Pyntacle.

I am advisory board member of ENRICH Brasil.

I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Community Ecology. Submit your finest results now.

An e-book (in Hungarian) is recommended for the widest audience interested in global ecological issues: Ördögi jóslatok.

Latest publications:

See a short piece in Psychology Today and the hottest ones in Frontiers in Marine Science, Ecological Indicators and Behaviour.

For the whole list, see my data on GoogleScholar.





Ferenc Jordan

SKYPE: jordan2ferenc