After a wonderful dinner with my best collaborators, Professor Marco Scotti (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany) and Professor Wei-chung Liu (Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan):


...and the three piglets in the Taipei ZOO:


With great colleagues, Carlos Melian and Antonio Bodini in Trentino. Carlos speaks. We listen.


The opening moment of the 7th ECEM conference in Riva del Garda, Italy (2011):


The FameLAB Trentino finalists (in 2013):


An unforgettable moment in Goa (2005):


On the top of Yerevan, during a sociology conference in 2009. I was plenary. Funny.


Tasting Maokong tea in Taipei (happened in several years)


Rock in Rio with Fiocruz friends (2009, and what an institution!!!!):


LA brainstorming with Tina Wey (2005):


Pirates in Laboe (with Marco Scotti):


The quest for red howlers after the LACCCB conference in Trinidad and Tobago (2018):


A short stop in Trieste, driving from Budapest to Parma to teach at the Ecological Networks Summer School (2018):


And one of my finest photos: 2001, Silwood Park, Imperial College, UK.

Taken by a second-hand Zenit camera (costed 6 EUR):


South of South Africa (2007)


In the Atacama (2014):